Friday, March 15, 2013

Seattle, USA: Tiny radio stations to give voice to communities

It doesn't get much more underground than Hollow Earth Radio, operating down a dark hole in the wall in Seattle's Central District. The non-profit, independent radio station puts its uniquely Seattle spin on things.

“The vision of Hollow Earth Radio is to represent Northwest culture and underrepresented voices,” said DJ Jesse Boggs, in between songs on his daily show.
In a world where people are forced to consume corporate media, independent voices like those at Hollow Earth are largely silent. Now, however, comes a rare opportunity to take over the airwaves
In October, the FCC will make the rare move of offering thousands of free licenses to 100 watt, non-profits to run their own radio stations. About eight will be available per zip code in King County.
“You literally can operate it out of your basement,” said Barb Morgen of Seattle’s Brown Paper Tickets, a major supporter of the initiative.
One-hundred watts is enough to power a light bulb and carry a radio signal up to 10 miles. From there, the possibilities are endless.
“It can be issue based. It can be neighborhood based. It's really whatever is important to the community,” said Morgen. “It’s giving the public airwaves back to the public.”
The FCC will start accepting applications in October, but it is an arduous process. The folks at Brown Paper Tickets are willing to help. You can find more information on the Brown Paper Tickets website. 
(Source: spotted by SCOOPWEB)

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