Friday, March 08, 2013

South Africa: New Local Radio Station Gets Name, New Team

The new local radio station for Cape Town now has a name, Smile 90.4fm. This was announced by the joint chairpersons of Cape Town Radio, Anant Singh and Dr Ernest Messina on Wednesday, 6 March 2013.

They stated, "Our purpose is to use the broadcast frequency we have been entrusted with to build audience and client relationships, bridge cultural divides, promote a sense of community, do good business and spread optimism while presenting the most entertaining, interesting and informative audio content which will manifest in the proverbial smile."

Clive Ridgway, programme director of Smile 90.4fm added, "Radio as we know it is at the media crossroads - facing the challenges of the internet, new media and social networks. Launching into a world dominated by new media requires something unique and special. For this reason, it is launching not as a radio station, but as an audio brand, with the purpose of making a positive contribution to the Cape Town community and being relevant in the information age.

(Source : Biz Community, Cape Town via

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