Saturday, May 10, 2014

Australia needs community radio

The Commission of Audit says there is little point in funding it but, besides its value to its listeners, how else are tomorrow's broadcasters supposed to learn their trade?

Last week, the federal government’s Commission of Audit report recommended there was no longer much point in funding community radio. When this annual call strikes up, the detractors cry: “It’s tired, it’s over, the model is done. Quit giving them cash.”

The same people often snigger when imagining a community radio announcer. Let’s call him Crispin. In their minds, Crispin sits in a dark studio in faded brown corduroy trousers, shiny at the knees, broadcasting to three like-minded souls. He plays Horst Janowski’s A Walk In The Black Forest on repeat and his stale breath smells of Nescafe Blend 43 from the communal kitchen. With three sugars, thanks.

For most community radio stations in Australia today, this cliche couldn’t be further from the truth. It hasn’t been for years. But nor are they living high on the hog, siphoning their funding into extravagant lunches while quaffing champagne and taking kickbacks.

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