Radio and an Old man

There is much similarity between radio and a good novel or poem or literature because both can create a nice feeling and excitement to our minds. But the difference is, novel or poem or literature can enjoy only literate person, where literate and illiterate both are able to enjoy radio.

Recently I was visited one of my DX (SW Hobbyist) friend’s village Chaumahany about 12/15 kilometers from Rajshahi city. The village looks very charming with full of green crops.

It was 5 PM local time when I was backing home and saw an old man Mr. Md. Abul Hossain, age 70 plus, sitting on a bamboo made place with a 3-band radio receiver, listening in a very relaxing mood. I felt quite impressed to see his creative technique to use the radio. He made an output line from torchlight to supply the power by almost no cost because it was rechargeable and consume a very tiny electricity to charge it. I stayed few moments and talking with him about radio listening. He told me, he tunes radio mostly local stations almost everyday and like both educational and entertainment programs. He cherishes the memory that he has begun to tune radio since a long time when he was young age and there was no television in the village. On that time radio was the main source of News and Entertainment for their village. After the hard working in the cultivation job, every evening radio listening is his daily routine. Now at the age of 70 plus radio is the best companion to him. 

(This article was first published in the Monitoring Times, USA)

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