Monday, February 21, 2011

New shortwave service to be launched

Taiwan-based PCJ Media has announced the creation of a new international shortwave radio service with targeted programming to Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia/Pacific. PCJ sees an opportunity to fill a void being left by large publicly funded broadcasters.

In the last few months a number of well-respected international broadcasters have annnounced that they will drop their shortwave transmissions to these regions in favour of internet and podcasts. To fill this void, PCJ’s new service would broadcast in five languages, with programming targeted to the audiences of those specific languages. New distribution platforms such as the internet will also be used.

The five language groups which PCJ Radio would target are:
Farsi - Middle East
Mandarin - China
Spanish – Latin America
Ukrainian/Russian – Eastern Europe
English - to regions mentioned above

Launch date TBA. For more information please contact Keith Perron at PCJ Media

(Source : Media Network Weblog) 

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