Sunday, August 28, 2011

RNW World pop contest 2011: The Points and the scoreboard

Time for the results of the points awarded to the 28 songs in this, the second just-for-fun World Pop Contest

Many of you took the time to send us your points for your personal top 10 favourites from the contest. We have put your points together to come up with the scores from a total of 27 national juries.

The Points
Each country will award a total of 110 points. Normally as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 points. In a very few cases - where there has been an exact tie of points within a national jury - the points may differ, but they will ALWAYS total 110.

We'll be presenting those scores here over the coming weeks, with 4 or 5 countries voting in batches. The animated (moving) scoreboards are presented below [non-moving images are at the bottom of this page]. 

How to watch the animated scoreboard
The scoreboards are presented as PowerPoint show. You do not need PowerPoint to view the animated scoreboard, but you will need a PowerPoint viewer - which you may already have on your computer. You can download a Free and Legal viewer here.

Click the download button, then install the viewer.
Then click on the link(s) below to download the Scoreboard(s) to your computer. Save it, then use the PowerPoint viewer to open it. You may prefer to simply open it straight from the webpage, which should work provided you already have a PowerPoint viewer installed. Many computers will already have a PowerPoint viewer installed.
Click to start the show, then keep clicking. Once the name of the country voting has sunk to the bottom of the screen, click 1 x to get the points 2 to 18, then click again to see who has got the maximum 20 points.
The Animated Scoreboards:
SCOREBOARD - I with the points from Bangladesh, Canada, Lebanon and Russia

SCOREBOARD - II with the points from France, Algeria, Switzerland and Turkey
SCOREBOARD - III coming soon...

(Source : Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

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