Sunday, August 28, 2011

DIRECTV launches hurricane information channel

DIRECTV has launched a dedicated 24/7 “Hurricane Irene Information” channel that will provide live broadcasts from local stations in markets affected by the hurricane to DIRECTV viewers nationwide.

The DIRECTV-produced information channel began broadcasting at midnight EDT/9 pm PDT last night and airs on three separate viewer channels: 259, 325 and 349. DIRECTV plans to provide continuous coverage throughout the weekend or until the storm has diminished in strength.

DIRECTV will simulcast local news and information coverage from various stations in affected markets as the storm moves up the East Coast. DIRECTV will also provide graphical information to inform its customer base about potential evacuations, closures, event cancellations and any additional critical information as needed. Storm preparation information will be delivered in graphical form from the American Red Cross, as well as coverage from the agency’s special disaster preparedness and relief interview with American Red Cross President Gail McGovern, along with information from other emergency organizations.

As DIRECTV tracks the storm it will manually switch to a local station in the affected market. The information channel will broadcast coverage from the following markets:
  • Greenville/New Bern, NC
  • New York
  • Norfolk, Va
  • Richmond, Va
  • Roanoke, Va
  • Washington, DC
(Source: DIRECTV via Media Network Weblog)

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