Saturday, November 12, 2011

New English-language radio station opens in Vienna

Danube International launched online in test mode at 1011 UTC this morning. The new English language radio station, designed to serve the international community in Vienna, is the brainchild of radio legend Paul Hollingdale. In August 1979 Hollingdale launched international station Blue Danube Radio which closed in 2000. The time has come, Hollingdale believes, “To bring the international community closer together again” and with this he has created Danube International.

According to the station’s website: “Conceptual ideas for the resurgence of an English language international radio station have been discussed since Spring 2009. These early discussions were prompted because it is felt that Vienna is missing a dedicated radio transmission for the English speaking community, both national Austrian and international, in and around Vienna, throughout Austria and even perhaps further afield.

“It has been through the spring and summer of 2011 that actual progress has been made in terms of the realistic development of a small dedicated group of participants who are currently setting up the prototype station, including the setting up of this website, the recording and streaming of our first test transmission, and the developing of a marketable identity for the station, with the aim of progressing towards a full station launch in 2012.

“Between the present time, November 2011, and our target date for main launch in 2012, we hope to fully develop our station identity, programme structure and content, to provide a full streaming internet service, cable radio service and fm transmission.”

(Source: Media Network Weblog)

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