Friday, March 30, 2012

New York-Based Chinese Radio USA Partners with AudioNow to Reach Chinese Americans

New York City-based Chinese Radio USA, broadcasting to Chinese Americans across the United States, has joined forces with AudioNow® to provide mobile streaming for their station’s programming in the United States and Canada. This service is available by calling 832.999.1823 from any mobile phone.

"Listening to Chinese radio should be as easy as pressing a speed dial key on any mobile device which listeners can now do. Simplicity for broadcasters and listeners is the key to AudioNow's technology platform.” says Jennifer Friesen, the Director of Public Affairs for AudioNow. “Our platform is perfect for Chinese programming because Chinese American listeners want news, current events and music in their language on-the-go.”

“With very limited resources in running a minority radio station in US, adding an affordable and convenient platform for Chinese Americans to listen to our programs is a gigantic step to expand our audience,” said the station’s general manager Jack Tam. “Chinese Radio is one of the few Chinese Language Radio stations with programming that targets Chinese Americans who live in different cities and towns. By partnering with AudioNow, our listeners will never miss our best quality programs wherever they want to go, even when they are driving. It’s a big bonus to our listeners!”

Chinese Radio USA provides entertainment and the latest news to Chinese community of North America from their website. The website features their 24/7 radio programming, as well as news and information on public affairs and daily life.

AudioNow is the leading provider of mobile phone broadcast radio distribution in the country. It uses proprietary, “HD” voice design and patent-pending technology that allows any fixed or mobile phone to access live audio programming without any downloads across all mobile platforms. Visit to learn more and register.

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At AudioNow:
Jennifer Friesen
Director of Public Affairs

Chinese Radio USA
Jack Tam
General Manager

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