Friday, March 30, 2012

South African Radio Veritas to broadcast on Medium Wave at Easter

The year 2012 will undoubtedly be the most exciting in the 12 year history of Radio Veritas! Late last year the Board of ICASA- Independent Communications Authority of South Africa which is the regulator for the South African communications, broadcasting and postal services sector.-. granted Radio Veritas a licence to broadcast on the Medium Wave 576 Khz wavelength. A new transmitter will be arriving from the United States in February 2012. After installation and testing at the transmission site in Meyerton Radio Veritas will start 24 hour per day broadcasting on 8th April 2012. The wavelength granted to Radio Veritas was previously used by Radio Metro and had a substantial broadcast range – at night Radio Metro could even be received as far afield as the Northern Cape, southern Zimbabwe. It will continue to broadcast on the DSTV Audio Bouquet Channel 170 as well as streaming on the Internet at These combined media will enable us to reach a substantial percentage of the Catholic population of South Africa and to become a significant medium for communication within our great country. The management and Technical staff of Radio Veritas are working at full stretch to develop exciting programmes whose content will challenge, inform and inspire all age groups.

(Source : Vatican Radio)

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