Thursday, April 12, 2012

What is your favorite memory of the RNW World Service?

After over 65 years to stop the Dutch broadcasts of Radio this year. But the World Service will not quietly disappear from the short wave.
Therefore we will make 10 to 11 May a special broadcast for you: For 24 hours we deal with the issues you found important in recent decades. We have the best programs to hear. And we begin talking to our fans and our critics.

Here you should not miss!
So tell us what your favorite Radio Moment has been. Did you used on the site to search for the best reception, or you might ever major world news transmitted by Radio? Which program was a favorite?

All memories are welcome
The best stories have a place in our broadcast. Also, all entrants win a beautiful book about the farewell voyage of the Dutch branch of Radio: Your Band with The Netherlands.

Place your memory bottom of this page
Would you rather your only memory with the editor to share? Also it can. Mail to: or by mail:

Marked 'My Radio'
Answer Number 1104
1200 VB Hilversum
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(Source: RNW Dutch Service via Google Translator)

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  1. I think I am a little old here but back in the early to mid 1970's I enjoyed learning Dutch By Radio with Joost and a guy that I cannot remember his name, perhaps it was John! (40 years ago!!) Radio Nederland Wereldomroep also sent me a nice Dutch By Radio book and.... wait for it...a 7 inch 33 rpm plastic record of Dutch By Radio!!!! I had lots of fun listening to Holland in those days which came via Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles at 0830 UTC on 9715 kHz in English (Dutch was at 0630 UTC). I was using a Drake R-4C receiver then with shortwave band crystals installed and I have QSL cards from that era showing the monitoring panel at Radio Nederland that was also using Drake R-4A, R-4B and R-4C receivers! Radio Nederland was the very first station I heard on shortwave and was also the very first station I received a reply and a QSL card from, I was so happy and thrilled! Radio Nederland also had some wonderful programmes back in those days with Happy Station being one of my most favorites!
    Thank you Radio Nederland for all these decades of wonderful programmes and shortwave broadcasting, I am sad that it will be coming to an end, unfortunately, people living in the 21st century don't appear to think that shortwave radio has a place in society anymore, hence the closure of so many International broadcasters on shortwave. It seems people favor mobile phones, smart TVs and internet these days! They will never ever know or experience the excitement of listening to a radio broadcast from all around the world coming through the airwaves for free (except for a little bit of battery power or electricity and the cost to buy the radio to begin with!) Best wishes from Michael Stevenson, NSW, Australia