Friday, July 20, 2012

2012 Games Coverage living in the future: ABC's Scott Whyte

Continuing our insights into Olympics coverage, this third article in our series examines the ABC’s broadcasting setup at the International Broadcasting Centre. ABC Technical Operations Manager Scott Whyte has told radioinfo the setup is more efficient than in any past games.

Broadband connections and WiFi have now replaced satellite lines to bring the feed to Australia when broadcasts begin next week, making it all more efficient. “All up we shipped 510kg of equipment this time, while for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi we shipped 900kg,” says Whyte.

For ABC Grandstand’s coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games the team will be using a VPN tunnel over a 10MB/s connection to the internet for all audio, phone, data and intercom connections to the ABC Ultimo Centre, Sydney.  

The interview point in the Village will be delivered via Wi-Fi using VOIP codec.  As a backup the team have an ISDN codec.

All audio for the coverage will be delivered using MADI over optic fibre to and from the host broadcaster and within our suite at the IBC, Whyte has told radioinfo. He says, “basically we are living in the future!”

There will be the ability to broadcast 12 sports simultaneously from 6 venues and 3 Off Tube Booths within the IBC.
The 6 ABC broadcasting venues are:

Rowing  (Eton Dorney)
Track and Field (Olympic stadium)
Basketball (North Greenwich Arena)
Aquatics (Olympic park Stratford)
Cycling (Olympic park Stratford)
Hockey (Olympic park Stratford)
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