Friday, July 20, 2012

New management takes the helm at RAI

Anna Maria Tarantola and Luigi Gubitosi
The new management team at RAI was finally completed by the evening of 17 July and has now started work. The recruitment procedure, which took over a month, appointed a new president, Anna Maria Tarantola (formerly deputy director-general of the Bank of Italy), who replaces Paolo Garimberti, and a new director-general, Luigi Gubitosi (director at FIAT and, up to 2011, director-general of Wind, the third largest mobile telephony company in Italy), who replaces Lorenza Lei.

The other seven members of the board are: Antonio Verro, Antonio Pilati, Luisa Todini, Benedetta Tobagi, Rodolfo De Laurentiis, Guglielmo Rositani and Gherardo Colombo (who are appointed by parliament) and Marco Pinto (appointed by the Treasury minster).

The new RAI management will first of all redefine the powers of the president and the director-general, following the guidelines of Mr Monti, the president of the Council of Ministers, who was in favour of strengthening those powers.

In her inaugural speech President Tarantola set the following five priorities for RAI:
  • good governance
  • long-term financial stability
  • impartial information
  • team spirit
  • recognition for the professional skills of RAI staff, without any outside interference.
This board, appointed for a three-year term of office, ought not to be affected by the general elections scheduled for the spring 2013.

(Source : European Broadcasting Union)

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