Monday, July 09, 2012

BBC Burmese youth series explores taboo subjects

A new instalment of the BBC Burmese radio series for young people, Lin Lat Kyair Sin (Bright Young Star), explores issues many of which are considered taboo in Burma. From Saturday, 7 July, the five-part series themed on “Society” will talk about drinking, foreign influences, relationships, women’s equality and role models. 

Presented by Thang Kim and Ei Ko, Lin Lat Kyair Sin is a 15-minute weekly radio programme for young people and by young people, and is part of a training project implemented in partnership by BBC Burmese and the BBC’s international development charity, BBC Media Action. Lin Lat Kyair Sin brings to the fore what young Burmese people think are the biggest issues facing their generation today. 

Lin Lat Kyair Sin is put together by young Burmese journalists trained by the BBC. Working with their peers in Burma and Thailand – home to an extensive Burmese community - these young journalists identify the subjects for the series to focus on. 

As part of the new “Society” series, Lin Lat Kyair Sin will engage young people in a conversation about subjects that are rarely publicly discussed in Burma, such as relationships and women’s equality. The programme will ask where young adults learn about sex and relationships and whether pre-marital sex exists in Burma.

(Source : BBC Media Centre)

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