Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CNN Radio Making ‘Waves’

Though its TV ratings have slipped lately, cable TV news pioneer CNN is expanding its digital presence on the Internet. Working with CNN Radio, the network’s digital arm has created a website devoted to audio. It is called Soundwaves.

The site contains self-contained stories. Each story has a waveform at the top and play progress can be watched. A press release explains some of the impetus: “Users can share and embed audio clips from Soundwaves across their social networks, allowing more exposure to and conversation about audio news stories.”

CNN Radio Vice President Tyler Moody put it this way: “Soundwaves is a new frontier for CNN Radio.” He elaborated: “Some stories are enhanced by an audio format, and we want to deliver a product that gives people that option. Also, being able to socialize Soundwaves gives us the opportunity to engage in two-way communication with our audience — not just broadcast to fans.”

(Source : Radio World)

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