Thursday, July 05, 2012

Portable DAB +/ FM radio from Dual

Portable DAB (+) / FM radio in your pocket with automatic tuning and built-in battery.

This portable DAB (+) dual radio brand offers next to the reception of FM radio stations now have the opportunity to receive digital radio stations. Thus you can enjoy the best digital quality on your radio program and are well prepared for the new standard. Thanks to the integrated battery you can charge the portable digital radio easily via the included USB charging cable. On the back is a clip function, so that is guaranteed to your clothes while wearing a secure hold. As a receiving antenna, use the included headphones, which can be exchanged but also by standard earphones.

DAB (+) radio to receive digital radio stations
FM tuner for receiving analog radio stations
Station memory function
Earphones act as antenna
-Automatic tuning
Key lock function
OLED-display (illuminated)
Headphone jack (3.5mm)
-Built-in Li-polymer battery with a playing time of up to 8 hours
-Recharge via included USB cable

Main unit with built-in battery
USB charging cable
German guide-

-Ca. Weight 30g
-35 Mm x 48 mm x 15 mm (W x H x D)

(Source : via DiGITALRADIO BAYERN via Google Translator) 


  1. I always bring portable radio everywhere. Thanks for the information. I also want to share 'roberts internet radio', it is a compact FM/ Wi-Fi internet solution enabling you to access internet radio stations from around the world. I really love it.

    1. Hi, do you know the model number of this radio please?

  2. Hi, do you know the model number of this radio please?