Friday, August 17, 2012

Brazil: Digital radio for the end of the year

The digital radio system that Brazil will adopt will be announced in the second half of  2012. The spokeperson of the subcommittee of the House of Representatives will make a statement about the best system for the Ministry of Communications. Mr Alex Sandro (PPS-PR) wants to make the announcement on September 25. There is a debate about which system the country will adopt, but we know that the fight is between the American (HD) and European (DRM). In this case, the U.S. places the AM and FM bands in the same system, while the European covers each with a different system. The Japanese system did not qualify because it has not yet been deployed in the country of origin. Yet another European system, DAB, was left out because it separated the content producer of the transmitter in two different entities.
According to Alex, the decision will benefit the system that is best for the AM band. "If we take into consideration AM, we will contemplate them all," he said. The decision about the digital radio system is being monitored closely by more than 10 000 broadcasters partners, but Sandro Alex is closer to the listener. "I want a decision that will benefit the listeners, broadcasters, etc.. But mostly, I admire the listener. The Brazilian loves radio. And this technology will live a new phase in the coming years "
System with open data
The President of the European Consortium DRM, Ruxandra Obreja, said in an email sent to the column that the system is "perfect for AM, already being used without problems worldwide, for nearly 10 years." Ruxandra argues that "DRM is a global system, approved by leading telecommunications organizations in the world, open and transparent, allowing easy access to anyone who wants to implement, improve or simply understand it."

More products on the radio
For the entrepreneur, Marcelo Goedert, who has 25 years experience in the radio, in Brasilia, " the digital radio will offer listeners more products on their radio, plus the sound quality, this will be the same for both systems. What the two systems offer in technical terms, does not vary much, and the listener will not make much difference.

The only cost that the listener will incur is buying the new digital radio receiver, what really matters to him is the receiver’s cost. In the case of DRM the price tends to be lower because the technology is open, and the industry will not have to pay royalties  forever. "

Another difference for the listener will be the evolution of the system in coming decades, as this development may or may not increase the amount of products and services offered by digital radio. The DRM takes advantage again because there are already Brazilian universities developing software to roll/coexist along with the DRM, this only happens the system does not have "black boxes" in it, like HD Radio has. The DRM allows terms in a future Brazilian system, as happens now with the TV.

(Source : DRM Consortium)

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  1. If Brazil adopts HD radio, people will only have an option of AM and FM on their receivers,but if DRM is choosen as the only system the radio receivers will be multiband radios, allowing not only for local reception like AM o FM but nation wide and overseas transmitions of international radios across the globed,including slide shows and low definition video! similar to watching you tube videos but with no special connections antenna dish ect, just simple radio! Imagine listening to radio Portugal beam to Brazil and able not only to listen but to watch the video of the programs.Please Brazil dont accept HD or make it a dual system along side DRM,give people a better choice by adopting only DRM because it´s an open international system. HD radio NO,NO NO.