Thursday, August 02, 2012

EBU supports Armenian Radio project aimed at pan-European youth

From the left: Journalist-Editor Gohar Adamyan (second from left) and EBU Project Manager Matthew Trustram (third from left)
with Public Radio of Armenia colleagues in Yerevan.
A journalist-editor from Armenian Radio is working at EBU headquarters this month to develop an online portal designed to put young radio listeners in touch with each other and stimulate discussion of transnational issues.

Gohar Adamyan, who works on a daily show called LyunSe aimed at 15-25 year-olds, won a scholarship offered by the EBU's Partnership Programme with funds from the Open Society Institute. The award twins Adamyan with EBU new media specialist Matthew Trustram, who is serving as her mentor in Geneva after making a preparatory visit to Yerevan.

Every day, LyunSe presents stories from across Armenia that reflect environmental, cultural and social issues. Recently, the production team has observed a growing international awareness in the audience, and this has inspired the new project.

Adamyan hopes to put her audience in contact with listeners to similar programmes across Europe. "We realise that increasingly our listeners are facing the same situations and problems as in other countries, and, with LyunSe International we aim to give them an international perspective on some of these topics," she says.
Adamyan will present the new portal to fellow broadcasters in a special session at the EBU event Multimedia Meets Radio (link: in Turin, which this year forms part of the 2012 Prix Italia (

(Source : European Broadcasting Union)

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