Thursday, August 02, 2012

How green is the media?

Toby Miller

How Green is the media? Not very, according to author and researcher Toby Miller, who was in Australia recently for an International Institute of Communications breakfast function.

65% of the print media’s carbon footprint comes from paper, but if you think it is much greener to read a newspaper off the screen, think a little deeper. While the individual consumer may waste less by reading off the screen, how much power is being used at the corporate media level to run the servers that deliver web pages and apps to those consumers? Much more than you would think says Miller, who also points out that computer components have a short life and, when discarded often become toxic landfill. Greenpeace estimates that if the internet’s latest fad, ‘The Cloud’ were a country it would be the fifth largest energy consuming country in the world.
........ In radio the cost of powering transmitters, especially old AM transmitters, is huge, as is the amount of energy consumed. FM is a more efficient and green method of transmission, and digital radio is even more green, with much lower energy consumption and reduced costs. In television, flat screens have created a new era of wastefulness for consumers.

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