Friday, August 10, 2012

Farm Radio International scripts now available in Swahili and Hausa!

In May1979, Farm Radio International founder, George Atkins, sent the first script package to 34 radio broadcasters in 26 countries. His idea was to share practical farm information in a world-wide exchange through the most assessable medium, radio. He sought out information about affordable and appropriate agricultural techniques, such as how to fertilize their crops with animal manure or compost, or how to raise oxen.

Today, more than 400 participating radio partners in 38 African countries help us to gather and share the practical information that goes into our radio scripts, news items and newsletters. Topics cover a wide variety of information important to the small-scale farmer including soil fertility, climate change adaptation, livestock health, and includes a variety of formats (interview, drama, spots, etc.). Scripts also include tips for broadcasters on presenting the information and adapting it for their own listening audience.

For over thirty years Farm Radio International has sent the script packages, free of charge, in English and French, to our partners in sub-Saharan Africa, where they are adapted to local conditions, translated into hundreds of languages, and broadcast to a potential audience of several hundred million people.

These scripts are also available on our website and are sent out electronically to our partners in Africa and to other organizations and individuals around the world that support small-scale agriculture and rural development. To view many of our scripts and resources online, click here.

Farm Radio International has for a long time wished to provide our radio scripts in languages other than English and French. We are now pleased to announce that some of our most popular scripts are available in Swahili and Hausa!

(Source :  Farm Radio International Blog)

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