Friday, August 10, 2012

Russia allows new AM stations, first in Moscow on 1584 kHz

A new class of broadcasting stations is being launched in Russia. Starting July 1, private non-professional entities are allowed to set up broadcasting stations in the 1575-1593 kHz AM frequency range. The first station to take advantage of the new license was Radio Zeleny Glazh (Radio Green Eyes), transmitting from Moscow on 1584 kHz. The station broadcasts at 1700-2000 UTC. According to Victor Rutkowski on Open dx, Radio MTUCI (Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics) began broadcasting on the same frequency on July 23. Radio MTUCI broadcasts during daytime hours. A total of 25 radio stations will be operational, the vast majority of them on 1584 kHz. However, a station in Tyumen will be using 1575 kHz, and a station in St. Petersburg 1593 kHz. 

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