Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Press release from RBI Radio Berlin International

RBI Radio Berlin International has achieved after 2-month trial period following results:
- 1065     supporters by name
- 123      confirmations from 120 countries
- 200800 prospects, visitors and listeners
- Protection for rotating and swiveling antenna in Nauen / Germany
- Establishment of the Center for Wireless and Energy Technology
  Nauen / Germany
For this result, RBI Radio Berlin International would like to thank all listeners, listeners clubs, supporters and interested parties.
RBI Radio Berlin International has achieved that in Germany D-14641 Nauen Graf-Arco-Str. Has 154 radio and the Center for Energy Technology Nauen founded and started to work, to maintain the historic center Nauen wireless world.
RBI Radio Berlin International has ensured that the unique, 50 years old and full-functional rotating and swiveling antenna is made ​​in Germany D-14641 Nauen Dechtower Damm No.66 under technical monument.
RBI Radio Berlin International from September will always be reachable on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype. The audio test programs are hereby terminated and be at a later date as a permanent full program on short-, medium-and long-wave recorded by analog and digital broadcasts.
RBI-Radio-Berlin-International AG
D-13585 Berlin Falkenhagener Str.49

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