Friday, August 10, 2012

Radio Logos from Peru heard on 4810 kHz shortwave

Radio Logos is a new Peruvian station, heard widely on 4810 kHz in the 60 meter shortwave band since July. OAW9A Radio Logos is run by Iglesia Evangélica Central in Chazuta, near Tarapoto in northern Peru, and is meant to air Christian programming to the Peruvian Amazon region. Radio Logos has been heard signing off in the local mornings around 1100 UTC and in the local evenings around 0300 UTC. The transmitter power is 1 kW. Station manager Pastor Jairo Sangama can be contacted by email or by calling at 042793834 or 942757969. The street address in Chazuta is Jirón Arica 3ra cuadra sin número.

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