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RRI: Winners of the Contest “My Cultural Bucharest – from Radio Orchestras to Contemporary Art”

July 31st was the last day for submissions to our general knowledge contest entitled “My Cultural Bucharest–from Radio Orchestras to Contemporary Art”

The competition focused on Bucharest, a European-class cultural center, with emphasis on symphonic music and contemporary art. 

The first edition of the International Radio Orchestras Festival will take place between the 23rd and 29th of September, bringing together in Bucharest prestigious radio orchestras.

The festival will be held once every two years, and will not fall on the same years as the George Enescu International Festival. Another major event in Bucharest was the 5th edition of the Contemporary Art Biennial, held between May 25th and July 22nd. 20 international artists from 4 continents took part in the event, dubbed BB5.

We’ve received a lot of answers from our listeners – over 250 submissions with the right answers! 

We’d like to kindly thank all of you for participating, and be sure to do so again in our future contests!

Winner List

Now it’s time for the prizes. We have awarded 32 honorable mentions: Udo Scherbaum and Volker Willschrey, both from Germany, Cristina Annoni, Massimiliano Scordamaglia, Franco Genini, Marco Di Leo and Giorgio Borsier, all five from Italy, Davi Lucas Pinto de Sousa from Brazil, José Luis Corcuera from Spain, Hugo Longhi from Argentina, Alexis Rocas Ramírez from Venezuela, Ludmila Dementieva and Serghei Krashakov, both from Russia, Bin Chohra Ali and Kamal Bouamama, both from Algeria, Abdel Monem Abdel-Kader Hasan, from Egypt, Idriss Bououdina from Morocco, Vladimir Andrianov from the Ukraine, Mohamed Goumidi from Algeria, Fachri from Indonesia, M. Ganesan from India, Sadia Munmun from Bangladesh, Muhammad Ayub Baig, Muhammad Azam Khokhar and Samina Gul, all three from Pakistan, Ingemar Sahlen from Sweden, Satoshi Nishimoto from Japon, Chen Zhenjie, Niu Daode, Xiao Chao, Ye Jiangshan, Huang Liqiang, all five from China. 

There were 20 third prizes: Georg Pleschberger from Austria, Hermann Heyne-Pietschmann from Germany, Majda Kajan from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Raffaele Ponticelli from Italy, Anatoli Prokopovici from the Ukraine, Miguel Ramón Bauset from Spain, Nikolai Loghinov and Nikolai Popov, both from Russia, Sami Ahmad Mosad from Egypt, Meriem Sabine Amrane from Algeria, Chitturi Ramana, Prithwiraj Purkayastha and Srikanth Chitturi, all three from India, Niaz Muhammad from Pakistan, Zhou Fei, Liu Xiuhua, Li Xue, Fan Hongjie, Zhang Chao'ou, Ji Mingzuo, all six from China. 

Time now for the second prizes. We have 20 such prizes: Andreas Fessler, Germany, Romanian-born Monica Popa who lives in Italy, Dejan Mijatovic from Serbia, Massimo de Muro from Italy, Olexandr Kozlenko and Vitali Rudcenko, both from the Ukraine, Francisco LLerena Vega from Peru, Alexei Kasatkin and Anatoli Dorofeev, both from Russia, Khalil Abdel Kader and Bezazel Ferhat, both from Algeria, Loubna Elbdaoui from Morocco, Luckyari, Ashar Waleed, Imran Naveed Khan, Fatima Abdul Ghaffar and Shah Nawaz Jiskani, all five from Pakistan, Allan S. Fenix from the Philippines, Cui Wenbai and Wang Jingyang, both from China.  

RRI has granted 15 first prizes that went to the following RRI listeners and Internet users: Jörg-Clemens Hoffmann of Germany, Dominik Malecki of Poland, who wrote to the Romaian Service, Paolo Valente from Italy, Viktor Galitski of the Ukraine, Juan Carlos Buscaglia from Argentina, Nikolai Matveev from Russia, Elena Kurbanova of Turkmenistan, Abdel-Razaq Qasmi from Algeria, Belgrid Moad of Morroco, Martin Rogan of Great Britain, Ramon Rodriguez of the US, Jacques Giraud from France, Amady Faye of Senegal, Hammel Baba of Mauritania a listener of the French programs and Jonathan Short who listens to the Chinese language programs. 

We also have 3 special prizes which we awarded to Tamara Ferrari from Italy, Mitul Kansal of India and Richard Chen from Trinidad Tobago, the last two being the friends of RRI’s English Service.  

And now, the big moment of the program: the winner of our grand prize, a 7-day stay in Bucharest at the Hotel Royal between September 23rd and 30th is …: ROBERT C. ACKX of the Netherlands and his wife, MARIA HELENA ACKX-BLOM. Congratulations, we’re looking forward to meeting you in Bucharest in a few weeks!

Prizes will be sent by snail mail. We kindly ask you to confirm receipt of the packages and their contents in a letter, fax or e-mail. Thank you again for participating in our contest devoted to Bucharest. We’d also like to extend our invitation to take part in future competitions that RRI intends to organize. We’re already working on our next, so get ready! 

(Source : Radio Romania International)

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