Friday, August 10, 2012

New Community Radio Station KHOI Launches in Ames, Iowa

Over the weekend, brand new community radio station KHOI launched in Ames, Iowa. Five years in the making, the license application for the full power non-commercial educational (NCE) FM station was submitted to the FCC in 2007 and was granted in 2009. KHOI went on the air and began their testing phase on 89.1 FM on Saturday, August 4, 2012. Until recently, Family Radio aired syndicated religious programming via a translator at that frequency.

For the time being, KHOI is airing a mix of automated music programming (including world music, women’s music, jazz, reggae, folk, local music, electronica, and polka). Next week, other programming will be added to the schedule, including syndicated content from Pacifica. Pre-recorded local shows will begin next month and live shows will eventually be added to the mix, after the KHOI studio is built. A Kickstarter campaign is running until September 15, in the hopes of raising $12,000 in order build the broadcast studio by November.
KHOI’s Project Manager (as well as its Chair of the Board and Station Manager) Ursula Ruedenberg moved back to her hometown of Ames, Iowa in order to help get KHOI on the air. A long-time community radio supporter, Ruedenberg is also Pacifica Radio’s Affiliates Coordinator. She explained to me over email how KHOI came into being and what her goals are for this new community radio station in Iowa.

(Source : Radio Survivor)

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