Friday, August 10, 2012

Taiwan: Indigenous peoples foundation launches Internet radio service

Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation launched an Internet radio service Aug. 3, strengthening the provision of information services for indigenous communities islandwide. 

The 24-hour broadcasts will help preserve traditional languages, raise the profile of indigenous culture and provide a platform for Taiwan society to learn more about aboriginal people and their issues of concern. 

Wsay Kolas, chief executive office of the IPCF, said the service is in addition to five foundation-planned aboriginal community radio stations. 

“We applied to set up one in Kaohsiung City’s Namaxia last year, but the proposal is still awaiting approval from the National Communications Commission,” she said. 

The NCC said it would deal with the application together with the legalization of underground radios, Wsay said, but as the latter is proving more problematic than expected, the service’s greenlighting remains on the back burner. 

“We hope that our online broadcasts will turn up the heat on the NCC and force them to make a decision shortly,” she added. 

Funded primarily by the ROC Council of Indigenous Peoples, the foundation was established in 2009 to facilitate aboriginal communications and media affairs. It also sponsors journalism awards and other cultural activities for indigenous people.
(Source : Taiwan Today)

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