Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zimbabwe: Zi-FM 106.4 Mhz Hits the Airwaves

If you have a radio receiver nearby, tune into Zi-FM radio station on the FM frequency 106.4 MGz. This is the latest station Zimbabwe has on offer and it will complement the efforts of Star FM and ZBC radio stations in the country. Zimbabwe's second commercial radio station officially starts broadcasting tomorrow.

According to Delani Makalima, who is on the production team at the station: "It must be emphasised that this station is not in competition with any other. Its duty is to complement the efforts of other stations in the country."

Unlike Star FM which has used the services of known past ZBC DJs such as Tich Matambanadzo, Admire Taderera, Leander Kandiero, Munya Milimo and many more, Zi-FM seems to be focused on the use of well-known musicians who include Sanii Makalima, Delani Makalima, Patience Musa, Lady Thanda, Kudzai Sevenzo, Plaxedes Wenyika and other known personalities such as Tino Katsande and Judgment Yard.. However, seasoned DJs such as Hosiah "The Hitman" Singende, Kimble Rodgers and Tonderai Katsande, have also been recruited to ensure that on the expertise front, the station is not found wanting. It promises to be exciting!

The first commercial radio station, Star FM , owned by Zimpapers, was awarded a broadcasting licence last year together with Supa Mandiwanzira's AB Communications which is responsible for the creation of Zi-FM. amid competition from several other applicants.

Supa Collins Mandiwanzira is a journalist and broadcaster in his own right. He is also the past president of the Affirmative Action Group in Zimbabwe.

Having started his career working in financial print media, he subsequently moved to ZBC for five years as a business and financial reporter before enrolling for a masters degree in international journalism with the London's City University. While in London, he worked as a journalist for the BBC and Reuters before moving to Summit Television, a new business news channel based in South Africa jointly owned by the Financial Times of London and Times Media Limited of South Africa.

Later, Supa became the managing director of African Business Connections until 2002 when he became chief executive officer of Mighty Movies, following the purchase of the company from its original shareholders. He then worked for SABC, South Africa's state broadcaster, as the Zimbabwe correspondent.

Mandiwanzira afterwards joined Al Jazeera's English news channel as Zimbabwe correspondent where he sent reports from all over Africa to the rest of the world. He then left the channel to pursue his growing media and other business interests which include civil construction, mining, property development, cinemas, radio and television production, and newspapers. His broadcasts on ZBC included "Talking Business" - a programme on business development within Zimbabwe.

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