Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Azerbaijanis In Britain launches on bbcazeri.com

The story of Mehin Balabey, 13-year-old England and Britain rhythmic gymnasitcs junior gold and silver medallist, opens the BBC Azeri project, Azerbaijanis In Britain (Britaniyada Azərbaycanlılar), which has launched on the website bbcazeri.com.

The author of the project, BBC Azeri journalist Konul Khalilova, has interviewed a number of Azerbaijanis who either live in Britain or have a strong connection with the UK. 

Starting with the story of Mehin, Azerbaijanis in Britain includes interviews, in text and video, with a diverse group of people. Be it an artist, a young man going into UK politics, an activist and blogger, a classical musician or a jazz singer, all these Azerbaijanis who have come to Britain with their talents, beliefs and hopes, share their stories with the BBC. 

Konul Khalilova, says: “The idea behind this project was to tell our online audiences about Azerbaijanis whose lives are closely connected with Britain, and who have stories to tell. This is an open-ended narrative, with new, amazing characters appearing on the scene. We are looking forward to sharing their stories with Azeri-speakers around the world.”

BBC Azeri (BBC Azərbaycanca) is part of BBC World Service. 

(Source : BBC Media Centre)

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