Thursday, September 06, 2012

243kHz Denmark DRM test during IBC 2012

IanF on the drmrx forum reports:

"The BBC programme 'The Strand' demo will be transmitted in a loop on 243 kHz signal for the duration of the IBC 6-12 September 2012 before 05:35, between 09:20-11:35 and after 18:30 central European time. 

"The loop may not be on continuously all night, but will be kept on air as much as possible. We expect that the transmitter will ID as 'DRM Kalundborg'."

A press release from the DRM consortium says;

"Teracom installed a DRM capable Nautel NX50 transmitter at the Kalundborg (Denmark) site in 2011, with this being the first DRM broadcast of this transmitter type on longwave.

Transmitting just 10 kW of DRM provides equal or more coverage than the normal 50 kW of analogue transmission from Kalundborg."

(Source : Mike Barraclough via Southgate Amateur Radio News)

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