Thursday, September 06, 2012

Last amateur operation from Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

The Curacao Radio Amateur Club VERONA is planning an operation using the curtain Antennas of Radio Nederland Wereldomroep Bonaire Shortwave repeater. 

The crew will consist of Brett, PJ2BR; Victor, PJ2VR; Hans, PJ4LS; Peter, PJ4NX; Carlo, PJ2CF; Castro, PJ2CFM; Ronny, PJ2CL and Sergio, PJ2SM

Operation is planned using the callsign PJ4R (if available, if not PJ4/PJ2A will be used)

Date: Saturday, September 8 and Sunday September 9 during local daylight.

Please check for QSL info.

(Source : Southgate Amateur Radio News)

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