Thursday, January 17, 2013

"NOXON Journaline": The world's first DAB + Radio with optimized Journaline service

The "NOXON Journaline" offers the world's first DAB + radio on the optimized text service Journaline. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute IIS the text-based news service in the "NOXON Journaline" was integrated. The radio is in early February in the trade for MSRP 99.90 euros. 

The feature "Journaline" is the so-called teletext for digital radios. Via the display messages are displayed as text. Listeners can intuitively targeted by an intelligent menu structure to access current text information from different genres. These are both program-related (programs, artists, songs, etc.) and program-parts (sports, traffic, weather, etc.). The Journaline reception is free and independent internet.

"With the NOXON Journaline' radio confirms our position as a leading technology company. For us, usability and innovation in the operation of radio equipment are very important. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, we have "with, NOXON Journaline 'developed a piece of the future, says CEO Walter Grieger.

The Journaline-Content is provided by the radio broadcasters. We have the radio Germany, Germany Kultur, absolute radio, DRadio knowledge, lounge fm, Horeb, Media Broadcast with Red Bull and DAB, Antenne Bayern (including Top 40 and Digital Information), Radio 94.5 F, Pirate Gong Hit Radio N1 92.9, Radio Gong and Charivari.

The "NOXON Journaline" with its dimensions 190x116x116 (W / H / D) is a compact and multi-functional, easy to use radio. It includes among other things in addition to excellent sound quality in mono and stereo headphones or external amplifier also features such as DAB + and FM reception, easy to use keyboards, audio-based instructions, large display, alarm function, USB port for software update and more.

(Source : radioWOCHE.DE)(Translated by Google Translation)

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