Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Radio Slovakia International 20 years - against the trend with DRM?

The small international broadcaster of the Slovak Republic is celebrating its 20th Birthday: Radio Slovakia International went on 4 January 1993 mission, in March followed programs in foreign languages, French, German, English and Russian, and later moved to a Spanish-language editorial Broadcasting House in Bratislava. The next 20 years have passed for RSI somewhat turbulent: How should the Slovak Radio waive for financial reasons in 2004 and again in 2005, on his shortwave broadcasts. After this step, was averted, the transmitters were silent in the summer of 2006, after the Slovak rozhlas finance the broadcasting on shortwave could not, and the operator of the former Czechoslovak station near the town Rimavsk√° Sobota (United Steffel village) owed ​​a substantial amount of money. End of the year distinguished himself by supporting the Minister of Culture of the Slovak government on a new funding source that guaranteed a smooth transmission operation by the end of 2009, when the contracts of the employees have been extended only after long hesitation. New Year's Eve 2010 the broadcasts of Radio Slovakia International ended shortwave finally, apart from the transfer of the Spanish and English program on American radio station World Miami (WRMI). Most shipments of RSI since that date exclusively on the Internet to receive via satellite and Slovakia to DVB-T. Although the end of the shortwave broadcasts a large cost factor attributable to individual employees occasionally expressed some uncertainty about the house RSI.
Curiously, Radio Slovakia International for the year 2014 were awarded funds again for shortwave broadcasting, as the station announced, a move that appeared on the German editorial also surprised. It is also noteworthy that an explicit broadcast on shortwave in the standard DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is mentioned, a transmission system for digital broadcasting on short wave, medium wave and long wave, but which has so far found few followers. Only certain broadcasters in Europe use DRM, so it seems almost ironic that just the traditional financially strapped RSI makes a DRM transmission. Matching radio equipment for reception are also hard to come by, so a distribution on analogue shortwave would probably much more efficient. The German editors called on listeners to help to comment on these plans, and their opinions on the subject and DRM shortwave transmitter to transmit via rsi_german (ätt)
The program of Radio Slovakia International is broadcast daily, 30 minutes in the German language via satellite Astra 3A (23.5 ° E), Astra at 19.2 ° and Hotbird 13 ° East (via WRN German), on the Internet and in Slovakia DVB-T.

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