Sunday, February 03, 2013

AMSAT website recovery update

As previously reported, the web site was attacked and the contents of the supporting database stolen. The motivation of the attacker is not clear, but the breach could have allowed posting arbitrary content on the site or other mischief. 

Out of an abundance of caution, the database was shut down, disabling the main page as well as some other site features.

In response to the incident, nascent plans for a web site replacement were implemented. A Wordpress content management system was put in place with links to the portions of the site that do not rely on the compromised database.

Wordpress was selected since its developers share AMSAT's open source ideals, and it is well known for easy editing and content creation without the need for programming skills.

Much work remains to be done to fully restore content, as well as properly archive historical information. Joe Fitzgerald, KM1P, is coordinating the web site rebuilding effort, and seeks volunteers to help create new content, salvage old content and replace features such as satellite tracking, status.

Familiarity with word processing is all that is needed for a volunteer to become immediately productive in this effort. Please contact Joe at jfitzgerald at alum dot wpi dot edu

(Source : ANS via Southgate Amateur Radio News)

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