Friday, February 08, 2013

Australia : More News staff for ABC

The ABC will get more news staff thanks to additional funding from government.

The ABC has succeeded in getting a one off grant to increase News Department staffing levels in the coming year.

ABC news director Kate Torney (pictured) broke the good news to a staff meeting this week, saying that ABC News will be in the "privileged position" of recruiting more news staf in the coming year. Regional areas will be especially strengthened.

ABC News will establish fact checking and investigative research units as part of the changes, which come as a result of the corporation's news gathering review.

With the good news of more news funding also came news of a range of new senior appointments to specific rounds:

Defence & National Security - Michael Brissenden
Social Affairs - Sally Sara
Rural & Regional Affairs - Peter Lewis
Resources and Business - Sue Lannin
Consumer Affairs - Amy Bainbridge
Science & Technology - Jake Sturmer
The ABC is currently seeking a new round of triennial funding n the mid year budget process.

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