Tuesday, February 05, 2013

EUROVISION extends partnership with Armenian Radio on youth radio network

EUROVISION has extended a partnership with Public Radio of Armenia to develop a web portal that will connect producers and audiences of youth-oriented radio programmes across Europe.

Born out of an EBU Partnership Programme scholarship won by Armenian journalist Gohar Adamyan, the project was conceived and developed in Yerevan and Geneva during 2012. A new co-financing agreement between the EBU and Armen Amirian, director general of Armenian Public Radio, sees the project move into its development phase.

"I am very glad that our project will be realized due to your help and support," Mr Amirian said, agreeing the new co-financing agreement. He expressed hopes for more cooperation between Armenian Public Radio and the EBU during 2013.

The public-facing portal, LyunSe International, will aggregate current affairs stories from youth radio programmes across Europe, encouraging interaction through a set of specialised forum features. It is scheduled for launch in May 2013, and producers of youth-oriented radio programming who are interested in becoming involved in the project are warmly invited to contact EBU project manager Matthew Trustram (trustram@ebu.ch).

Combining the ancient Armenian letters 'Lyun' and 'Se', which, as in English, are the initials of the Armenian words for 'light' and 'shadow', the portal title evokes the Armenian proverb, 'Find your light, rather than become another person's shadow,' inviting users to make a difference by being informed. 

The Armenian version of LyunSe is a long-running, successful daily radio format hosted by Ms Adamyan. Covering environmental, social, political and other key issues affecting the lives of young people, the programme generates large amounts of interaction from audiences and helps them they stay informed about issues of importance to them.

EBU Head of Member Relations David Lewis said he was delighted that Ms Adamyan's innovative project, which was presented in Turin last September at the Multimedia Meets Radio conference, was being taken further by the EBU Media Department after initial support from the Partnership Programme.

(Source : European Broadcasting Union)

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