Tuesday, February 19, 2013

France: SIRTI - Reform of Audiovisual allocate frequencies equally

radioactu report : Under the bill on the reform of broadcasting, SIRTI pleaded for distribution "equal frequencies in radio" and broadened up to independent operators. It also wants the government clearly positioned on the RNT.

On February 12, the SIRTI (Interprofessional Union of Independent Radio and Television) organized a breakfast attended by Martine Martinel, MP PS Haute-Garonne and rapporteur of the draft Finance Act 2013 for credits Audiovisual adopted by the Cultural Affairs Commission of the National Assembly. THE SIRTI made ​​his complaints under the new law and hoped that this reform enable the establishment of a "law of liberty for listeners and viewers as well as a law of equality between publishers audiovisual" . Thus, SIRTI quite logically called for "a more open media landscape to independent publishers, and protect the freedoms of our citizens in the era of digital audiovisual communication." It is thus in favor "of a diversified range of services, both national and regional or local free without access control and without profiling." On the radio, calling SIRTI now equal distribution of frequencies, "saying that the independent radio stations" were largely frustrated by their legitimate development in the context of calls FM + ".
Deploring the concentration of "4/5ths frequencies in the hands of a few groups," the SIRTI wants equality and the realization of an independent audit coverage groups. Taking the opposite of the CSA, which had supported a higher threshold concentration for anti-reflect the increase in French population, in contrast SIRTI wants a lowering of the threshold to 120 million, against 150 million currently. According SIRTI, this new would be "a means of redistributing frequencies and encourage key groups to launch the RNT." On this last point, the SIRTI called on the government to clarify its position: "do or not do, but choose," said the union. Stressing that legal provisions may allow "a successful launch of the RNT", although some skepticism wins independent operators who emit veiled concerns around this issue. In the absence of government support for the RNT, the SIRTI estimates that acknowledge the failure of digital radio. In this case, the union wants an "accelerated redistribution FM frequencies equally between the groups focused and independent radio stations."

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SIRTI - Réforme de l'audiovisuel : répartir les fréquences à parts égales

Dans le cadre du projet de loi sur la réforme de l'audiovisuel, le SIRTI a plaidé pour une répartition "à parts égales des fréquences en radio" et une place élargie pour les opérateurs indépendants. Il souhaite par ailleurs que le gouvernement se positionne de façon claire sur la RNT. 

(Source: radioactu) (Translated by Google Translator)

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