Monday, February 11, 2013

Germany: 98.8 KISS FM with new interactive hands-on App

98.8 KISS FM lifts the listener participation to a new level. From now on, the listeners of the Berlin youth radio station to send their audio, video, photos, texts and voting right in the current program to the presenters in the studio.

Crowd along with KISS FM radio starts INTERACTIVE - the new interactive App. From now on it can be downloaded for free for Android and iPhone in the stores down.

It starts with an action about the current contest "GLOBAL GIGS". Thereby be able to collect the listeners worldwide concert tours to their favorite stars. With the new app, listeners can now use an additional chance to win. Who KISS FM INTERACTIVE a self sung audio or video of his current favorite songs into the studio sends uses as its special chance to win.

"We are the feedback from listeners has always been very important. More immediate and more convenient than other apps is at KISS FM INTERACTIVE "the response in the currently running show is possible, 98.8 KISS FM program director Sebastian Voigt.

"With just one click, anyone can directly participate in the theme of the show, making use of the various interactive tools. Directly to the feedback ends up in my studio, where it can be immediately integrated into the show, "says KISS FM presenter Basty, which will involve you in the coming weeks, the new app every day on his show.

Crowd Radio won the 2012 German Radio Award in the category "Best Innovation". For more information, visit

(Source: radioWOCHE.DE)(Translated by Google Translator)

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