Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ireland’s independent radio stations celebrate World Radio Day

Ireland’s independent radio stations celebrate World Radio Day
Ireland's independent radio stations are celebrating World Radio Day with the popularity of radio in Ireland at an all-time high. 

Wednesday, 13 February is the day appointed by Unesco and endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate the medium of radio.

"In excess of 2.5 million people tune in to independent radio stations every day," said John Purcell, chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland.

"The strength of independent radio is the diversity it offers. We reflect the communities in which we are based and despite the growth of new technologies and the increase of media outlets independent radio stations remain a constant favourite with Irish audiences.

"World Radio Day celebrates the unique nature of radio and the importance of radio in people's lives. Independent radio stations impact on people's lives in every part of Ireland on a daily basis."

This is the second annual World Radio Day which aims to raise awareness about the importance of radio, facilitate access to information through radio and enhance networking among broadcasters.

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