Sunday, February 10, 2013

LD Mandloi: “All India Radio has no competition with private FM stations”

Being the largest public service broadcaster in the country, All India Radio has created a separated space for itself in an industry largely dominated by private FM players. Although the channel faced severe criticism for lack of dynamics in terms of content and programming, it bounced back with a renewed life as it revamped its two major channels FM Rainbow and Gold across cities. 

While most other private FM players are exploring new content and expansion plans with the FM phase III coming up, AIR is taking a different route and engaging DRM transmitters to enable a speedy transition to digital broadcasting. This in turn is stated to increase its reach with good quality in many cities.

In a  conversation with’s Chandni Mathur, All India Radio director general Leeladhar Mandloi highlights the growth of AIR and how it stands distinguished from private FM broadcasters. 

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