Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Local Radio Not For DAB in Norway

CMFE report that Local radio spokesman: DAB is a redundant technology
In Norway the media and telecom authorities have issued permits for local radio in 9 out of 37 regions allocated for local DAB broadcasting. But there was only one application per region and a total of six companies or organisations including “Digital Norge” which is the DAB promoting organisation. In 8 other regions there were more than one application and here there will be an auction March 7. The remaining 20 regions are still vacant and permits will be issued on a first come basis for qualified applicants before June 30, 2013.

Today the digital developments seem to be very costly for small scale broadcasting outside the metropolitan areas says Erik Fagern├Žs managing director of Norsk Lokalradioforbund (the Norwegian Local Radio Association). He says the local radio in Norway will stay on FM anyway. 
(Source: Community Media Forum Europe-CMFE)

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