Friday, February 15, 2013

News from Bulgaria will be broadcast on the air of European radio network “Euranet+”

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Andrzej Siezieniewski, Valeri Todorov and Erlends Calabuig
Europe and European institutions often remain unknown to Europeans. The objective of serving as a link between European citizens and the developments in European politics by making European events makes more understandable to ordinary people is the task undertaken by the radio network Euranet in which 30 media from 16 countries participated.  

In April 2013, the sequel of this project Euranet+ will be launched, again with the participation of the Bulgarian National Radio and Radio Bulgaria International. 

The second part of the project was officially launched in Bulgaria at a briefing in the Bulgarian National Radio on 8 February, attended by the Director General Valeri Todorov and guests Andrzej Siezieniewski - general director of the Polish Radio and member of the Executive Board of the European Broadcasting Union, and Erlends Calabuig - CEO of Euranet +. 

News and information about events in 23 languages of the common European space will be exchanged and broadcast within the framework of the new European radio network.  The project will run for five years. More about the participation of the Bulgarian National Radio from General Director Valeri Todorov: 

"We are entering this year in a new project of this radio network. The previous five-year project is completed. The Bulgarian National Radio was part of it and we believe that our participation was very successful, but this assessment has to be made by our colleagues. The new project is more interesting, it includes some of the previous countries, but also new radio stations. I think this project won many fans in Bulgaria, and everything done in the network as an exchange gave new knowledge and opened many doors. It is extremely important that we exchange news and information in different languages, including Bulgarian. "

(Source: Radio Bulgaria) 

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