Friday, February 15, 2013

Radio Bulgaria in World Radio Day

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The oldest electronic media that originated in the 19th century is celebrating today. At the suggestion of UNESCO, February 13 - the birthday of the UN radio in 1946, was chosen for the World Day of the radio. The Bulgarian National Radio, which recently celebrated its 78th anniversary, also joins in the celebration. Created in the mid-1930s, over the decades it has been carrying its strong social and cultural message and tradition. With its two national programs "Horizon" and "Hristo Botev", its foreign service for international audiences Radio Bulgaria International, with eight regional radio stations and its multimedia platform BINAR and of course, with its musical ensembles, today it is one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in this country. 

The history of Radio Bulgaria began in 1936 – initially with broadcasts in Bulgarian, then in Esperanto. A year later it launched regular broadcasts in French, German, English and Italian. The broadcast in Italian for example were prepared by Petar Uvaliev - later a legendary figure in the BBC, an intellectual with encyclopedic interests. "This radio seemed quite incredible”, said in an interview for Radio Bulgaria Uvaliev in his lifetime. “It was born to convince us that it was at the hub of space and eliminated all borders because our voices soared in the radio ether. We were young boys back then, maybe not quite mature enough, but we were talking to someone beyond. As the world was then stubbornly divided into enemies, the radio airwaves spread across the trenches of hate, radio was teaching us not to hate..." 

(Source : Radio Bulgaria)

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