Friday, February 01, 2013

Portugal will disappear from the short wave scale

Antenna system of Deutsche Welle in Sines (2005)
Another European country is finally on the blank spot on the map of international, terrestrial broadcasting: decided According to the shortwave listener João Costa and Glenn Hauser (DXLD), the Portuguese Government to the chapter of the shortwave broadcasting finally completing.
In the summer of 2011 put the public broadcaster RDP broadcasting its international radio program RDP Internacional on shortwave for financial reasons. The station was so far received around the clock at numerous frequencies to almost anywhere in the world. From now on, the silent own broadcasting station near the town Pegões. As the only international broadcast of RDP Internacional on shortwave one consignment remained in analog and digital mode DRM via the relay station of the German foreign ministry, the Deutsche Welle. Sines, south of Lisbon Once in October of the same year, the Deutsche Welle altered their appearance concepts and thus abandoned the plant in Sines and was scrapped, thus ending all broadcasts on shortwave from that State. RDP showed no interest in taking over the plant.
By a new financial plan of the station RDP or RTP, which includes, among other things, technology and program distribution channels, does the government expect that the shortwave broadcasts of RDP Internacional that in Portuguese currently can be heard via the Internet and satellite, because of the cost be reactivated. Whether the transmission system in São Gabriel Pegões will continue to receive is uncertain - and unlikely.

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