Friday, February 01, 2013

Radio 700 will change to 3985 kHz

Transmit antennas for shortwave in Kall-Krekel
The Radio 700 is on the future to receive a new shortwave frequency. On 1 February, the radio station based in Euskirchen moved to the former frequency 3985 kHz, which was used until the end of the Croatian Radio and abandoned New Year's Eve. For Radio 700, for its broadcasts uses on short and medium wave a former police radio station in the Eifeldorf Kall-Krekel, is once again a full-time usable frequency available after the space previously occupied Wave 3955 KHz in the morning by the BBC in the digital modulation (DRM) and used in the evenings by KBS World Radio was. The frequency 3985 kHz is now obtained the following schedule:
0500-1800 UTC clock: Radio 700
1800-1900 UTC clock: Voice of Indonesia (German program)
1900-2300 UTC clock: Radio 700
2300-0500 UTC clock: BNL Rock Radio
The transmissions of Radio 700 are parallel to the FM frequencies in eastern Belgium and Euskirchen. From Kall-Krekel is also on the frequencies 6005 kHz, 6085 kHz and 1593 kHz sent. The exact broadcast times these frequencies are published on the website of Radio 700 shortwave service. In the evening hours, the frequency is 3985 kHz receive almost all over Europe and beyond. Besides the program Radio 700 - Adult Contemporary with occasional acquisitions of religious program window Radio Friends Service is sometimes airtime rented to other broadcasters, on 3985 kHz as regular radio in the Foreign Service of Radio Republik Indonesia and the East Belgian Radio Project BNL rock.

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