Saturday, February 23, 2013

SOS: DW Radio Bengali Service

From March 10, 2013, with closing the FM broadcasting, Deutsche Welle Radio’s Bengali service would be completely erased from the radio world. Instead of presently aired 420 minutes radio program DW Bengali service, there will be a weekly television show 'exploration' from April 16, 2013 via its partner in Bangladesh, Ekushey Television.

To introduce only a weekly TV show by replacing the 37-year long history of DW Bengali radio service. Would it be possible to enter the multi-media era in this way? Since 37 years, Deutsche Welle Bengali service relentlessly aired for over 25 million Bengali peoples, who can tune both on FM as well as online (previously Short wave and Medium Wave also).

Our heartfelt appeal and request to the German govt. and the Deutsche Welle authority please ‘Save DW Bengali Service’ from eliminating. You know, we have earned our Bengali language on 21st February 1952 by the Martyr Salam, Rafique, Barkat as well as so many others who sacrificed their lives and blood for Bengali language, which is now recognized internationally. To respect our Bengali language and those Martyrs who fight for Bengali, UNESCO proclaimed 21st is the “International Mother Language Day”, which observed globally each year. Our benevolent request, please continue to air DW’s Bengali service in which we can tune DW in our mother languages ‘BANGLA’.

To save Deutsche Welle Radio Bengali Service we have created a facebook page and an online petition also dedicated to this issue.

Our heartfelt request to the fellow DX-er, radio hobbyists, radio listeners, radio personalities, radio activists and amateur radio operators, please supports our efforts and sing the online petition and share this to save Deutsche Welle radio Bengali Service.

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