Friday, February 15, 2013

Trans World Radio to set up South Sudan network soon

Dr Benjamin (centre) and top ministry officers meeting the Trans World Radio delegation.
[Photo: Ajang Monychol]
JUBA, 14 February 2013 (NASS) – Trans World Radio network (TWR) is set to establish its radio network soon in South Sudan as the necessary arrangement with the government is completed. This was announced by its Africa International Director, Dr. Emmanuel D Mbennah yesterday after meeting the minister for Information and Broadcasting, Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin.

Dr. Mbennah said the radio will operate on medium wave and will be located in Malakal of the Upper Nile State far north of the country. Trans World Radio network is a multinational evangelical media that offers inspirational programming in various languages in the world via satellite, cable, internet and local AM and FM stations. The radio will provide people with religious programs and other social programs like health, education and agriculture.

Dr. Benjamin said the government would cooperate with the organization to help install the radio.

Although South Sudan has a number of radio stations beside South Sudan Radio which operate on both medium wave and frequency modulation (FM), coverage of the ten states is still low. There is hope for better coverage with the coming of Trans World Radio.

Reported by Taghrid George; edited by Martin Jada Gabriel, News Agency of South Sudan (NASS)

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