Thursday, February 14, 2013

Voice of Vietnam responds to World Radio Day Feb 13

(VOVworld)- 7 radio stations in the world on Wednesday broadcast live programs from UNESCO’s headquarters to mark the World Radio Day. Feb 13. UNESCO has organized several seminars on Radio values, Ensuring safety for journalists, and Broadcasting on FM frequency. Alain Masse, General Director of the International TV and Radio Association says: “All channels on Radio the Voice of Vietnam as well as on other radio stations throughout the world have organized several activities to mark the World Radio Day. We have set up an International Committee consisting of radio stations including VOV. The committee created an exchange framework on where people can show their love for radio, and send messages to other people throughout the world. These messages will also be broadcast on radio all over the world. Vietnam is one of the 25 active participants in this website”. 
From 9 to 11 am on Feb 13, Radio the Voice of Vietnam broadcast a special program with the theme “Modern radio broadcasting in the multimedia era”. “I find radio programs very interesting. It’s necessary to increase broadcasting time for some programs such as Alo VOV1 and the programs on religion and Vietnam’s sea and islands. These are very useful programs covering a wide range of issues in society”, said a VOV listener

Increasing interaction is a common trend of the radio broadcasting industry in the world. On Feb 13, VOV launched the website which integrates 63 municipal and provincial radio stations in the countries and VOV channels. Nguyen Trong Huan, Deputy Director of VOV Traffic Channel says: “With portable devices and through internet, you can listen to radio programs throughout the country. This radio website provides update information in economics, culture, and society to listeners inside and outside the country”. 

(Source: Voice of Vietnam)

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