Wednesday, February 13, 2013

World Radio Day: Helping millions worldwide through the power of radio

A child in the Republic of Congo with a radio (Picture: SOAS Radio)
Radio, what’s new? Radio… someone still loves you. Make that about 6bn people.

Freddie Mercury and the rest of Queen went Ga Ga for radio back in 1984, but today there is still plenty to shout about when it comes to the medium.

While technological advances and people’s listening habits might have changed, there is still a place for the humble radio. And it continues to make a difference.

Today is the second World Radio Day, a celebration of the positive impact it can have on millions of people.
We’re not talking about Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show but how the humble wireless is an increasingly useful tool in improving health and education among some of the most disadvantaged and isolated communities in the world today.

Community radio projects are on the rise throughout the developing and developed world because of radio’s ubiquity, accessibility and ability to share vital knowledge and practical information with hyperlocal communities and provide a voice for marginalised groups.

(Source: Metro News, UK) 

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