Tuesday, March 12, 2013

AM and FM to disappear from cars?

An article appeared a few days ago on US website, Radio INK. It was written by their publisher Eric Rhoads. The story is this :- 

Radio INK held a conference last week where digital experts talked about the growth of online radio listening over the past 12 months in the US.

At one session, 3 reps from the car industry spoke about what is happening to the in-car entertainment experience, the digital dashboard and what's next. Then this statement came from the stage:
"AM and FM are being eliminated from the dash of two car companies within two years and will be eliminated from the dash of all cars within five years."
The panelists said that, after much research, the trends tell them that young people don't use radio anymore, they want streaming services.

Read More at Radio INK

 (Source : Radio Ink via Radio Today, Australia)

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