Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Swaziland: Broadcasting Bills Go to Parliament

Broadcasting legislation enters Swazi parliament - good news or bad?

Media Institute of Southern Africa - Swaziland

Alert - Media Analysis, 7 March 2013

Swaziland's minister of information, communication and technology has tabled two broadcasting-related Bills in the Senate, according to the Swaziland Senate running sheet dated Wednesday 6 March 2013

Minister Winnie Magagula tabled the Swaziland Broadcasting Bill 2013 and the Swaziland Broadcasting Corporation Bill 2013.

It is now expected the Bills will be discussed by various parliamentary committees who, it is understood, will seek consultation from anyone interested in the future of Swaziland's television and radio. No dates or information are yet forthcoming on the government's public consultation process.

The Bills appear in the Swaziland Government Gazette of Friday 15 February 2013, vol. LI, No. 19.

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(Source Swazi Media Commentary, Gabon via allAfrcia.com)

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